apple is a female contestant on object universe and also a contest on inanament insanity she is NOT an origanal contestant of ou

her first dabuEdit

apple first joined in episode 4 suprise arival and had to run a cource and was screaming im running to fast as he was jumping platforms to get to the finsh line pasing basket ball crossing the finsh and having window say"wow some randome apple wins you know what you seem like a good competater welcome to the game" and being placed onto team extended and getting to more players 3DS and lego


  • apple is one of the two contestant to be on another show
  • she is one of the two contestants to hate basketball the other being icecream
  • she is is one of the three food contestants the others again being icecream and usb(type of pill)
  • She is one of the 2 contesents that are from another show the other being lego who is on object mayham

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